What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that gives you complete control of finances.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that allows it’s users to manage their own finances without reliance on a third-party service to send or receive currency.   Users store funds in a Bitcoin wallet which is managed from a desktop computer, mobile phone on nearly any device that is internet ready.

Why Use Bitcoin?

Bitcoin wallets remove third party fees and lengthy wait times for transactions.

Depositing and withdrawing from poker platforms can be timely and expensive for players.  Bitcoin allows users to deposit and withdraw directly from wallet software into your cashier on most popular online poker platforms.  Skipping the costly payment processor and funding your poker account directly from your wallet means that timely waits and fees for online poker deposits and withdraws are avoided.

Get Started Using Bitcoin

1. Download a Bitcoin Wallet

Download a Bitcoin wallet to store funds you will deposit and withdraw.  Wallets are available for any mobile or desktop device that’s internet connected.  Find a Bitcoin wallet that works for your device here.

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2. Buy Bitcoin

Buy Bitcoin from a popular Bitcoin exchange in your region.  Bitcoin exchanges allow users to purchase Bitcoin with credit cards, debit cards and other currencies.  Find out more ways to get Bitcoin here.

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3. Fund Your Poker Account

Now that the Bitcoins you’ve purchased from a popular Bitcoin exchange are in your personal wallet, use this to instantly send Bitcoins to any popular online poker platform.  Browse Bitcoin poker room reviews here.

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Why Bet With Bitcoin?

People around the world are choosing to bet with Bitcoin on Bitcoin poker platforms, sportsbooks and casinos.  Here’s why!

100% Less Fees With Cryptocurrency Deposits & Withdraws
100% Less Signup Forms For Poker and Payment Processing
100% Anonymous Poker, Sports Books and Casinos
The Best Freerolls and Deposit Bonuses
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