Trusted Bitcoin Wallets

Trusted Bitcoin wallets come in many different shapes and sizes!  We’re here to help you find the ideal solution.  A few important consideration to how you will store your Bitcoins before you get started:

Getting Started With a Bitcoin Wallet

  • What Bitcoin Wallet is Best For Me?

The device you wish to play Bitcoin poker on will determine where you want to store your Bitcoin.  Playing on desktop?  Storing your Bitcoin in a desktop wallet might make your life easier.

  • How Secure Are Bitcoin Wallets?

Keep in mind that not all Bitcoin wallets are secure.  When you download a Bitcoin wallet, Bitcoin wallet reviews are an asset to your judgement – the security of that wallet is up to the developers behind the code.  Not all Bitcoin wallets offer the same security. For instance, Bitcoin wallets in which you control the private key means you own your Bitcoin.  This is typical between mobile, physical and desktop Bitcoin wallets. Services such as online Bitcoin wallets (Coinbase and other exchanges) host your wallet for you.  When your Bitcoins are in a services wallet, their safekeeping is out of your hands.  Users choose service based wallets (cloud wallets) for their access to funds anywhere.  Hosting Bitcoin in a cloud wallet adds convenience but increases your risk.

  • How liquid do you need your Bitcoin to be?

Bitcoin wallet security and access don’t particularly align.  If you’re looking for quick access to Bitcoins, a mobile, desktop or cloud Bitcoin wallet might be your best options.  Seeking heightened security?  A physical wallet will be your best bet, but it might take a little longer to access your coins.

Physical Bitcoin Wallet

  • Keepkey
  • Trezor
  • Cryptosteel
  • Paper Wallet

Cloud Bitcoin Wallet

  • Breadwallet
  • Coinbase
  • Coinpayments

Desktop Bitcoin Wallet

  • Multibit
  • Bitpay
  • Bitcoin Core
  • Electrum
  • Green Address

Mobile Bitcoin Wallet

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