Is BetOnline Casino Cheating Live Blackjack Players?

February 20, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Latest News

The allegations are clear – An online blackjack player notices a live dealer hosted on, cheating.

Is BetOnline Casino Cheating Live Blackjack Players?

Well lets take a look for ourselves.  The video below shows the allegations, clear as day, you be the judge.

Now in the above video, it’s clear the dealer has slipped the next card in the shoe to the top, sliding out the second card inline for the player.

Starting off, regardless if this is on purpose, regardless if this helps the casino, regardless if this is a mistake on behalf of the dealer, regardless of what is going on behind the scenes, I speak for a larger number of players that say, this is bullshitCasino’s come with an edge, gaming your players out of odds already favoring your platform is garbage and players shouldn’t support casinos with a lack of checks and balances, there’s too much room for questionable practices.

If you’re playing at a casino, gambling, or playing friendly cards, you want to know the game is being played as it’s supposed to be played.  If the dealer is removing the card which is supposed to be dealt next, regardless of outcome, it’s bullshit, this shouldn’t be happening, and I for one, will not play at a casino that’s not following the book, it’s plain and simple.

Looking at players from across poker forums and gambling discussion, it seems like the community is divided upon what’s happening here, or if it’s giving the house an edge.  One thing we do know, and we can agree on, is the fact that a card is purposefully slid from the top of the shoe, and the card second in line is dealt to the player.

What do we know?

  1. A card is purposefully slid from the top of the shoe, and the card second in line is dealt to the player.
  2. These cards have sort of chip, or recognition system, as you can see when a card is removed from the shoe, it’s slid over a metal pad which beeps prior to displaying the card.
  3. We know that in Blackjack, the next card is dealt to the player or house, not the card secon in line.
  4. We have a video in which a player accuses BetOnline of card swapping in the middle of a shoe.
  5. Apparently – is the live poker platform used for Betonline’s live games.

What don’t we know?

  1. What’s the player looking at.  What is behind the scenes where he is looking? It could be nothing, it could be a sign that says take the next card, we don’t know.
  2. We know that the odds of blackjack are nearly even, and a little change in how the game is played could heavily impact results.
  3. We don’t know if the shoe has been shuffled, ordered specifically or if the card holding mechanism is real at all. For all we know, there could be a person, hand feeding cards in specific areas.
  4. If the video has been edited.
  5. Really, anything happening behind the scenes.  We trust these platforms to play by the book.

So, is BetOnline Casino Cheating Live Blackjack Players?

Unfortunately, we just don’t know until more information is released.  As we sit today, there is a public video accusing an online casino of untrustworthy practices.

It’s time we raise the discussion of ethics and online casinos.

More options for playing online blackjack

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What do you know?

Share your experiences with Betonline below!


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